Systemics: Lightweight Hydrogen Mobility, A Revolution in Progress

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Systemics : La Mobilité Légère à Hydrogène, Une Révolution en Marche

Systemics, a pioneer in the hydrogen sector, continues to impress with its innovations in sustainable mobility. During the Hyvolution show, the company captivated attention with its hydrogen touk-touk, an ambitious project born from numerous strategic partnerships. This vehicle represents a significant step forward in the integration of hydrogen into urban transport solutions.

Innovative Achievements and Strategic Partnerships

Known for its daring exploits, Systemics has already made an impression with its hydrogen bike tour of France, demonstrating the viability and efficiency of this clean energy for long-distance journeys. In 2023, the company also participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a Lotus Seven retrofitted to hydrogen. This project proved that performance vehicles could also benefit from hydrogen, combining tradition and technological innovation.

Systemics' latest concept, presented at the Hyvolution show, is the result of a collaboration with OSM, an Indian manufacturer of three-wheeled vehicles. This international partnership illustrates Systemics' global vision to promote sustainable mobility solutions across the world. The hydrogen touk-touk, resulting from this collaboration, is particularly suitable for urban environments in large cities, where reducing CO2 emissions is a priority.

A Perfect Solution for Large Cities

Antoine Abou, founder of Systemics, believes that this type of light mobility is perfectly suited to large cities. The hydrogen touk-touk offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional vehicles, reducing not only greenhouse gas emissions, but also noise pollution, a considerable advantage for densely populated urban areas.

The adoption of these vehicles in metropolises could transform the urban landscape, making travel more environmentally friendly while maintaining optimal efficiency. Systemics highlights the advantages of hydrogen, including its ability to offer rapid charging and long autonomy, essential characteristics for transport fleets in urban environments.

Towards a Sustainable Future

By continuing its innovations and strengthening its partnerships, Systemics is positioning itself as an essential leader in sustainable mobility. The company continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with hydrogen, offering concrete and viable solutions for a greener future.

The vision of Antoine Abou and his team is clear: they want to make clean mobility accessible and practical for everyone. Thanks to initiatives like the hydrogen touk-touk, Systemics shows that the future of urban mobility can be innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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